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Bodyweight Burnout

Your body is all the equipment you'll need for this invigorating workout. Watch on Men's Health →

5-Minute Maxout Workout

This workout is tough, intense, and highly efficient. Rack up the reps and burn calories fast. Watch on Men's Health →

Destroy Your Spare Tire

They call it a “high-intensity metabolic bootcamp.” We call it a serious workout. Watch on Men's Health →

Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Burner

No room to roam? Gideon’s got you covered. All you need for this 12-minute workout is six feet of floor space. Watch on Men's Health →

2 Dumbbells, 5 Minutes, No Rest

Looking for a super efficient workout? Gideon will coach you through this 5-minute movement ladder. Watch on Men's Health →

22 New Ways to Crush Your Core

Don’t just watch this amazing video – get down and plank! Gideon shows you 22 different ways. Watch on Men's Health →

Crush Calories at Home

Bootcamp in your own home: Gideon will lead you through his five-minute body blast workout. Watch on Men's Health →